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Check Valves

Offered Check valves, otherwise called non-return or single-way valves, are intended to enable liquid to stream one path in a pipeline. They're developed of a clapper which swings from a pivot, the clapper shaft or stick, which is mounted to the underside of the hood, inside the valve body. The fundamental plan of a check valve hinders reverse in a line. As a result of Check Valves straightforward outline, check valves by and large work without computerization or human communication and rather depend on the stream speed of the liquid to open and close. This implies they for the most part don't have a technique for outside task, similar to a handle or lever. The base upstream pressure of our Check Valves required to work the valve is known as the breaking weight. These are for the most part composed particularly in view of this number and, contingent upon the style and size.

Key Features:

1) Are leak safe and have tight fixing.
2) Assurance from minimal flow direction and reverse flow.
3) Changes are at the center of check valve outlines.
4) Meets the basic, elevated-temperature and pressure requirements.
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Non Return Valves

Price: 4500.00 - 9500.00 INR/Unit

Non Return Valves are the type of backflow prevention equipment utilized in chemical, pharmaceutical, paint processing, wastewater treatment and flavored milk making sectors. They are designed having a swinging disc which moves only in forward direction. Whenever there is a reverse flow of fluid, the disc comes back to the seat with the help of liquids flowing velocity resulting in elimination of contamination chances to the processing system.

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API Swing Check Valve

Price: 2000 INR/Piece

API Swing Check Valves are comprised of a movable disc required for blocking the unauthorized flow of processing fluid. They only allow forward flow of liquid and in case of reversal, the disc comes back to the seat thus preventing any transfer. These valves are installed in piston driven pumps, piping system of dairy, beverage, brewing and fermentation industries, irrigation systems, and power plants. They are highly appreciated for their great wear resistance and ability to withstand adverse properties of some flowing materials.

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Lift Check Valves

Price: 800 INR/Piece

Lift Check Valves are required for preventing reverse flow in refineries, oil & gas industry, power generating sectors, and protecting equipment. They only allow single directional flow, if there is an error which results in reverse flow, the valve clack comes back to the seat resulting in the flow cut. These valves are greatly admired for their excellent performance under extreme working environments, high pressure situations, and ability to withstand adverse properties of corrosive chemicals.

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Forged Steel Check Valves

Price: 650.00 - 4000.00 INR/Unit

Forged Steel Check Valves are designed to allow only one direction of fluid flow to prevent any kind of contamination & eliminate the chances of hazard. They are comprised of a clapper which hangs from a hinge, its shaft, bonnet, & valve body. These valves work on the principle of flow velocity as do not require any human intervention or automation for their functioning. They are generally installed inside the piping system where they block the back flow of liquids.


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